Bike 2 Microbrewery

Bike 2 Microbrewery

Flat paved trails – biking along rivers – break at stunning Karlstejn castle – forgotten villages & churches – microbrewery in countryside

“A lot of kilometers had to be ridden and a lot of beer had to be drunk in order to prepare this tour.”

Sure, Prague is full of bars and pubs with great and cheap beer. But no beer tastes better than freshly poured in a microbrewery. After years of riding and years of tasting, we know the best place to go! …and because here in the Czech Republic bike belongs to our life in the same way beer does, we believe this is one of the best ways to spend a free day.

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After pick up at your hotel it is about 20 min drive to the starting point at the very edge of Prague. This way we avoid most traffic and we start enjoying great cycling paths along the Vltava and Berounka rivers. We are biking on flat trails surrounded by meadows and small towns all the way to the most beautiful and best preserved castle in Czech – Karlstejn. After about one hour break to soak the medieval atmosphere we head for a final push of about 12 kms to our favorite microbrewery in the area.

Though we have to climb a bit during the last part, it is really worth it. There are no more towns along the way, just little villages and lush countryside all around us. It seems people here live the same way as years ago, when communists operated a Czech biggest air-missile base carefully hidden in forrests of a hill above us… When we arrive in the cozy village of Vseradice, we enjoy a decent late lunch and taste locally made beer. Usually master is present and if so, he is always happy to show us around (this is no scheduled tour, he just likes to talk and we like to listen…)

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We have more options for our way back, though usually we ride back our bikes near Karlstejn and then take a train back to our car and finally we drop you off at the hotel. If you feel you have reached your daily dose of exercise, we can just take the train all the way back to the car.

Martin, your guide


Price 1800 CZK (approx. 67 EUR) includes high-end bike rental incl. helmet, guide, lunch & beer and pick up & drop off at your hotel

Min group size: 1

Max group size: 6 (larger groups on request)

Total time needed (hotel to hotel): 8 hrs

Pick-up time 8:30 AM

Scheduled tours run every Tuesday, Wednesday Friday and Sunday (other days on request)

Total kms: 40

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