Karlstejn Castle Scenic Bike Tour

Karlstejn Castle Scenic Bike Tour

Flat paved cycling paths – lovely riverbanks – small towns – family-friendly – zero traffic – secret panoramic view of castle

“Let us take you to the most stunning castle in the Czech Republic, avoiding all traffic en route.“

We can’t imagine an easier and more enjoyable ride than the one to Karlstejn – a 30 km ride along two rivers with next to zero climbing, and the best – with no traffic at all! We avoid cars by starting our ride right on the edge of Prague, where we’ll drive you from your hotel.

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About 97% of the ride follows designated (mostly paved) cycling paths and before seeing the castle for the first time, you will enjoy peaceful Czech countryside and lush green forests that will make you think you’re much farther than a few minutes from Prague by train. If you feel like it, we can stop for a swim in the river or have a break at one of many little biker’s cafés that local cyclists like so much… Or perhaps we can make a small brake at our favourite bakery? If you prefer only paved tracks, no problem, if you don’t mind a bit of dirt, we know some shortcuts (still easy)!

Secret viewpoint

The best comes at the very end of our ride, when we take you to a meadow squeezed between dense forests, where there is the most stunning view of the Karlstejn castle. It’s so stunning not just because Karlstejn is suddenly below us but especially because we see nothing but the castle and forests all around. Suddenly you feel like there might just be Charles IV and his companions marching on horses across the meadow…If you like to, feel free to attend a 55 minute tour inside the castle (170 CZK, not included in price), though we think castle’s beauty is rather outside than inside.

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If you are a beginner to intermediate biker and you want to explore the Czech Republic capital’s surroundings, this is the way to go! Feel free to join your guide for a lunch at our favourite restaurant by the castle at the end of the ride (included in price). Finally you get back to Prague by pleasant 40 minutes ride on train, without having to worry about the bikes as we leave them at Karlstejn.

Price 66 EUR includes high-end bike rental incl. helmet, guidelunch & beer, pick up at your hotel, train ticket back to Prague

Min group size: 1

Max group size: 8 (larger groups on request)

Total time needed (hotel to hotel): 7 hrs

Pick-up time 8:30 AM

Scheduled tours run every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (other days on request)

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